Pacificland International Development Inc

Concept of Imperial Center

Brand-Building Center

In the first phase, we will build 500 units of showrooms in a superior business office building. Each showroom is 1200 square feet. We will take the best trading advantage of Imperial County, which is the designated area for NAFTA and aggressively build up a professional brand-building platform specially designed for brand upgrades. Raw materials will be processed and become “MADE IN USA” products, which will go straightly into the market of Latin America that has an 800-million population in its 34 countries. Our ambition is to build 500 international brands for the Chinese enterprises and set up the introductory stage for the Chinese products to get into the international market. While the Chinese-brand products turn into the international brands, Imperial Regional Center will become the birthplace of U.S. brand creation. Products can either get into the North American market through NAFTA or go back to the market of mainland China as the “MADE IN USA” products, which can ultimately realize its market value from its brand-upgrading process.

A Firsthand Wholesale Center

We will fully take advantage of the incomparable locations of the border and Foreign Trade Zone. After the products are completed in the factories inside the FTZ, they can be immediately sent into Mexico as duty-free products, thereby the operational costs can be greatly reduced, which is very good for the development of SMEs. The “front-shop, back-factory” trade model will achieve great success for the investors.

FTZ Warehousing

Foreign Trade Zone is considered as outside of the United States, which means that when the imported foreign goods get into the FTZ warehouse, there is no immediate payment of customs duties. FTZ warehouses can provide a stable back-up for the factories and shops that can also enjoy a delay payment of the taxes.

Auction Center of Imported Commodities

Imported commodities with minor defects and out-of-season products can be auctioned directly to the 800-million buyers of Latin America, which will greatly save the shipping costs back to the production country.

U.S. Commodity Auction Center

We will gather the out-of-season products that are made in the U.S.A and create a low-price auction center with absolute advantage of low prices and great collections as an Outlet of All Outlets.