Pacificland International Development Inc

Project Overview

Imperial Center is located near the US-Mexican border at the intersection of Interstate Highway 111 and 86 in Heber City, Imperial County, which is in the southeastern California. The project site is right in the middle of Heber City, the City of Calexico and the City of El Centro, which are the three major cities of Imperial County. The City of Mexicali, which is one of the largest cities in Mexico with a 1.5-million population, is sitting right across the border 4 miles away, where 90% of the residents can acquire a 10-year pass to get free access to the 30-mile territory inside the United States. IRS is in the center of this transportation, trading and population hub.

Developed by Pacific International Investment and Development Co., Ltd., Imperial Center will become an international trading mall on its 78-acre project site, which will include a luxury hotel, an international-brand shop street, an international trade wholesale center, a gas station aside the interstate highways as well as an international convention and exhibition center. The front parking lot will be able to accommodate more than three thousand cars and the back side can park up to one hundred container trucks. In addition to the concept of the international border trading mall, there will also be entertainment center, outdoor stages, restaurants and bars, a dining street, cinemas and local merchandise stands.  It’s estimated that there will be more than 700 vendors settle into this center when it’s completed.