Pacificland International Development Inc

Project Design

Imperial Center was designed to serve as a location for trade shows, where American-made Chinese products and Mexican wholesale merchandise can be displayed together for buyers to examine. With the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), products can be imported duty-free to Mexico and sold in Central and South America in the wholesale market.

Imperial Center is located in Heber City of Imperial County – 210 miles away from Los Angeles and 4 miles from Mexico. The total area of the center is 78 acres, which is equivalent to China’s 500 mu.

Imperial Center is an international business center consisting of Shopping, Dining, and Entertainment. The building area is over one million feet with a parking area of over 900,000 square feet. The space behind the center can accommodate over a hundred container trucks and up to 3000 cars for all customers.

In addition to the exhibition, distribution, and entertainment centers, the imperial center also consists of a big stage, big hotel, large interstate gas station, nightclub, dining area, and a United States Commodity Center, allowing a total of over one thousand merchants to enter.

  1.  Gas station with 24 pumps that can reach a monthly turnover rate of $2,100,000.
  2. Thousands of party reservations can easily be expected in venues for the inviting 17,000 square-foot steakhouse/nightclub that can also serve as a multipurpose facility.
  3.  Four 9,000 square feet restaurants, serving seafood, Chinese, American, and Italian cuisines that can satisfy the needs of those who visit the Imperial Center.
  4. 82 exhibit-ready venues vying for international events increase the venue’s popularity and lead to more local business and economic development, as well as the promotion of more trade and profits.
  5. The 300,000 square foot wholesale exhibition with 188 exhibition spaces, each with 1,200 square feet to allow exhibitors the chance to show fixed displays of quality products.
  6. D, E and F occupies three buildings allowing for 1,500 standard booths within 350,000 square feet.
  7. The 70,000 square foot night market stall design, similar to that of Yiwu Small Commodity Center, which can be converted into a space with 60 small stands at night in front of the 300,000 square foot wholesale center. This creates a Retail Street that never sleeps within a bustling economy.
  8. A kilometer-long river, a stage, a large swimming pool, a children’s playground, and night market stalls on both sides of the river that can attract crowds to wholesale city.
  9. There is a food court consisting of 30,000 square feet, containing 25 snack centers by the river.
  10. The five-star hotel has 286 rooms and presidential suites.
    The Imperial Center is designed majestically and magnificently as a daytime wholesale center and night market retail center. It will make a significant contribution for the Chinese, American and Mexican economies.