Pacificland International Development Inc

Management Team

President: James Lo


Doctorate degree from University of California, Berkeley

Agricultural Economic Research Institute

Ohio State University


Construction, planning and management of nursing homes

Planning and management of chain restaurants

Land purchase, development and design

Engineering Consultant: Tom Dubose

Mr. Dubose has been operating for more than 30 years with over 50 engineers in Imperial County, San Diego, and Yuma.

Property Management Company:
Alden Management Group

Alden Management Group’s staff members are highly experienced in all aspects of real estate management. Alden Management Group only work with the top 500 company and large international corporations such as Costco, Walmart, and Target.


JWDA, Inc. is a firm that has provided outstanding architecture and planning since its formation in 1993. As a leading architectural firm in Los Angeles, JWDA proudly provides on-time and on-budget architectural services and believes JWDA’s achievement is based on clients’ success. The commitment makes most of our projects in the last five years have been with repeating clients.

JWDA is a full service, multi-disciplinary firm offering proven experience on all types of projects, as evidenced by more than 30 local and national awards of excellence. JWDA’s professional experience practiced in a broad range of cases, such as public and private projects. These projects include institutional complexes, office and retail development, medical facilities, and master planning for residential communities, hotels/ resorts and interior design projects.