Imperial International Center

Imperial International Center, the largest wholesale distribution center in the United States, is located in Heber City of Imperial County – 4 miles from the Mexico Border. Imperial Center is not only a one-stop wholesale distribution marketplace but also an international convention center, containing a data center, dining, shopping, and entertainment. Focusing on LTL small businesses, its comprehensive digital platform makes cross-border trading fast and easy; including ordering online in Mexico and picking-up at U.S facilities in 30 mins.
What was once a dream –is now a reality!

Imperial International Center’s facility rests on a total of 78 acres — It boasts over 3000 standard exhibition booths, and a 900,000 square foot buildings and facilities. In addition to the exhibition and distribution structures, the Imperial international Center also contains a comprehensive digital platform system, hotels, restaurants, and interstate gas stations.

In alignment with United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA)/NAFTA, products and brands can be expanded in Mexico and into Central and South America.

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