China International Cultural Industry Fair Delegation had arrived in Los Angeles on June 17th to attend the 16th Shenzhen International Cultural Industry Fair Business Investment Promotion Conference opening ceremony of Shenzhen-Imperial Country Creative Exchange. The delegation was led by Wu Yihuan, the Vice Mayor of Shenzhen.

The meeting was hosted by Qian Qiang, the deputy director of the Shenzhen Culture.Ralph Cordova Jr, the governor of imperial county; Wu Yihuan, the Vice mayor of Shenzhen; Luo Lexuan, director of the Shenzhen Health Committee; Qian Qiang, Xiong Dechang, director of the Cultural and Sports Department of Shenzhen ; Ye Jianqiang, Chairman of Shenzhen Zhongrongmei International Culture Media Co., Ltd., Zhong Meng, and Los Angeles County Governor Kathryn Barger , Mayor of San Marino, Stephen W. Huang, Vice Mayor of West Covina, Tony Wu, Monterey Park City assemblyman Stephen Lam, Walnut Vice Mayor Eric Ching, Special Representative Jim.K. Chen, Special Assistant Wu Zhongguo Jimmy Wu, Chairman of the Imperial International Center, Luo Junnan, President of the International Daily, Zhu Yi, President of GV HOUSE INC, Gao Aidi; and other representatives from Los Angeles local government, institutions, business representatives and Imperial County Government attended the event.
At the meeting, Vice Mayor Wu introduced about the economic development and society improvement in Shenzhen, especially focused on the future prospects of the cultural industry. She believed that the cooperation between Shenzhen, Los Angeles and Imperial Country will be strengthened by their visiting and interacting with each other. Meanwhile, she also welcomed more American merchants to come to Shenzhen for more business opportunities and expansion to different industries.

Ralph Cordova Jr, the county governor of Imperial County, introduced the overview of the Imperial International Center. It is the largest wholesale distribution center in the United States, rests on a total of 78 acres, is located in Heber City of Imperial County – 4 miles from the Mexico Border. It is not only a one-stop wholesale distribution marketplace, but also an international convention center containing dining, shopping, entertainment and much more.